Denise Poirier, Barista Happy Clam Cafe – CHETICAMP NS



I started a support group that really didn’t exist before and I wanted to get the word out through business cards and pamphlets in order to reach as many people as I could and help as many suffering people as I could. After endless searching online for graphics to use, I came up empty handed. There really wasn’t anything that symbolized what I meant. Being good friends with Caroline, she mentioned her graphic design abilities and formation so I thought she could help me out where my photoshop skills lacked but she blew me out of the water. Caroline worked with me to get to know exactly what it is that I wanted.

She wanted more information about our group, I decided I wanted a logo and I had presented her with this idea, or ideas, of kind of how I wanted the logo to look. After a couple of designs, she insisted it be perfect and exactly what I wanted and in a very reasonable amount of time, presented me with our new logo which could not be more perfect. Then I asked her to make me business cards as I was struggling to get exactly what I wanted. She did everything I asked then lent her professional opinion on fonts, wording, description and placing to take my novice design to a whole new level!
I cannot recommend this caring, patient, perfectionist enough.
Professional, kind and efficient!”